Castello di Camino

Rising through the trees of its ancient park, Castello di Camino emerges from the hills of Monferrato looming above the Po River. Set against the backdrop of the Alps and the plains of Vercelli, the magnificent architecture is one the most important and best preserved castles in Italy.  


With its strategic position in the lower Piedmont, the castle began as a Roman outpost during the Lombard invasion. Initial construction of the fortress began at the behest of the Bishop of Asti around 1000 AD. After defaulting on a loan in the 1300s, Marquis Teodoro Paleologo relinquished ownership to the Scarampi family. This family became uninterrupted feudal lords until the 1900s, and would be inextricably linked to the development and history of the complex. The building has seen many expansions and renovations as it transitioned from a formidable fortress into residence it is today.


A popular place with the House of Savoy, the property was visited by kings Vittorio Emanuele II, Uberto I, and Vittorio Emanuele III. Evidence of their stays can be seen in plaques, a gift of a magnificent chandelier, and even a room that was decorated specifically for Vittorio Emanuele II. In more recent times the castle has been visited by many political figures, among them Benito Mussolini, who gave his speech inaugurating the Monferrato aqueduct on the property.


Today the painted halls, courtyards, ancient terraces, glittering chapel, and lush park are available to host ceremonies and events in a truly unique setting among history. 

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